Real-Estate Consulting

Our team of real estate consultants can help you with a variety of real estate matters be this in identifying real estate and development opportunities, evaluating real estate portfolios or performing an analysis and valuation of real estate assets. We deliver these services as follows:


As Compass Group we have access to a wide portfolio of properties for sale, which includes real estate developments and other new projects in progress across the island and abroad. These properties cater to an eclectic mix of tastes and size requirements, and comprise of contemporary luxury homes such as villas, apartments and other residences located in prime locations, especially beachfront. We can also provide you with a selection of commercial properties that are available for purchase or rent, and which meet the most pertinent of business and office requirements.


We are very proud to say that within our team we have over 40 years of experience in the construction sector, who adhere to the highest of international construction standards, and who have completed a wide portfolio of projects. Our projects include the complete construction or renovation of buildings, hotels and residences.

Compass Group provides Engineering, Procurement, Construction and maintenance services to Clients. This approach ensures the successful delivery of the projects within time, budget and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Property Management & Resales

Our real estate consultants can assist you in arranging for the management of all aspects of your property, whether it’s a home away from home or a holiday letting investment. Our team of specialists continually strive to deliver property management solutions that cater to your particular requirements, and will ensure that the residence is properly maintained for any length of time. In addition, should you decide to sell your property, our resales advisors can manage the entire transaction, and are committed to providing a quality service so that the property is sold as quickly and efficiently as possible, and at the price you want.

Real Estate Investments

Our team of real estate consultants come with critical know how regarding the intricacies of the Cyprus proper market and the way in which it functions. This expertise enables them to deliver investment solutions that cater to the particular needs of every client, whether this includes identifying investment opportunities and/or potential investors, conducting feasibility and investment appraisal analyses of real estate assets, and more.