Our Services

Our diverse team of highly qualified specialists possess the expertise to provide our clients with a variety of integrated services as follows:

Fiduciary and Corporate Services

Through a team of highly specialised personnel, our firm delivers a range of Fiduciary and Corporate Services that encompass a broad spectrum of work for a global client base. We possess the necessary expertise to find solutions that best cater to our client’s business objectives, and can assist in a variety of commercial and corporate complex cross-border transactions.

Our services include:

  • Formation and registration of Cyprus companies and trusts
  • Registration of trade names and logos
  • Preparation of minutes of meetings of Board of Directors and Shareholders
  • Filing of corporate changes to the Registrar of Companies (RoC)
  • Preparation and filling of Annual Returns and other records to RoC
  • Maintaining Shareholder and Director Registry
  • Secretarial Services on an annual basis
  • Provision of registered office and mailing assistance
  • Nominee Services
  • Payment of taxes and issue of necessary certificates from Government Authorities
  • Messenger services

General Management Services

We provide a range of management services that cater to the diverse business challenges that our clients face. Our team of experts are equipped with extensive know-how across industries enabling them to deliver strategic support so as to help organisations improve performance. Through the analysis of current organisational problems and needs, we can assist our clients in a variety of ways including managing
their businesses, be this a hotel, a construction site or even commercial buildings, for instance.

Investment Services & Opportunities

Sound investment advice is crucial when it comes to the delivery of wealth management solutions that meet the specific investment portfolio objectives of corporations and individuals alike. We provide our clients with the necessary knowledge and insights of the market to assist them in formulating robust investment strategies and making tactical investment  decisions. Through our extensive experience, we work vigilantly to identify investment opportunities for our clients, and also guide them through complex processes and procedures pertaining to investment transactions.

Family Office

We provide a breadth of family office services to assist high net worth families in managing their investments. This may include reporting, risk management, tax and governance, philanthropic initiatives, private foundations, education, structuring of investments, and other financial planning so as to meet the family’s objectives.

Legal Advice

Our team of legal experts cover all areas of litigation and legal advice across all industries. These include:

  • Conveyancing
  • Torts
  • Contracts
  • Transnational agreements
  • Shipping law
  • Energy law
  • Commercial law
  • Business law
  • Company law
  • Trusts
  • Criminal law
  • Administrative law
  • Banking law
  • Probate and wills
  • All aspects of property law, especially those relating to buying property by non-Cypriot citizens.

Escrow Services

We regularly act as a professional and trusted Escrow Agent that will assist you in managing any large business or financial transactions seamlessly from beginning to end. Our specialised legal team can also draft Escrow Agreements should the need arise, and can manage the process of opening and maintaining Escrow accounts with all banks located in Cyprus.


Our team can provide a variety of consulting services in a diverse range of areas and across industries in Cyprus and abroad. We offer expert advice on various issues including but not limited to the acquisition of permanent residence or naturalization,
the setting up of a company in multiple jurisdictions, mergers & acquisitions, business operations and management, complex financial transactions or structures, corporate finance, investments and any other critical matters that our client’s need assistance with.